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A lifetime income to age 120

Members receive a steady income for life from their Tontine IRA™ which is paid monthly from whichever date the member sets in the app.

Unlike a traditional IRA where this would result in the balance falling over time, your TontineIRA™ gets automatically replenished every month or two as other members of your tontine no longer need the income.


Expect your income to rise over time to offset inflation

By design, as other members of your tontine pass away and no longer need the income, and as the remaining live expectancy of you and the other surviving members grows shorter, your monthly income starts increasing.


Safety first: Your savings are invested in FDIC insured deposits

In the current market environment where even Target Date Funds are getting 'clobbered' by 20% it makes sense to accept the 5% risk-free-returns on offer from FDIC insured deposits.

Furthermore, by spreading your TontineIRA™'s assets across multiple FDIC insured banks, the capital and interest is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the federal government up to $10m per TontineIRA™.


Your children can receive an inheritance while they are still young

If you live into your 90s and still have any savings left over when you pass away, your children could already be in their 70s when they receive an inheritance.

However by securing a lifetime income, this means that you can pass on any spare savings now while the kids are young and could use that inheritance to buy a house or start a business.


Flexibility & Control

As a Member you can adjust your plan as often as you like with a few clicks.

Want to increase, decrease or stop your contributions for a while? No problem, just enter the new amount or press the Pause button in the app.

Want to delay or bring forward when your income starts? Just pick the new date and press Save.

It's that simple.


Accounts secured by cutting edge Biometric Security

Instead of using long passwords and security devices, we guard your lifetime income against fraud using advanced facial recognition technology.

Whenever you need to conduct a sensitive action on your account such as approving a payout or changing your bank details, we ask you to login with your face so that we can be certain it is you that is in control of your account.


Our unrivalled low fees preserve more income for retirees

Unlike annuities which are priced to make a profit for the insurer AND to pay a sales commission of 3-8%, our members pay a low flat fee and 0% commission because we want to profit with our members not from them.

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Who we work with

Tontine Trust is a financial technology company, not a chartered trust.


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Tontine Trust is a consumer-oriented fintech that provides software and marketing solutions to banks, chartered trust companies and credit unions (each a ‘Bank’) which enables the Banks to offer state of the art retirement income solutions such as the Tontine IRA™.

Banking, trustee and fiduciary services in the US are provided by Bank partner(s) which are regulated in the US to act as fiduciaries on behalf of US Tontine IRA™ accountholders (‘members’).

Tontine Trust provides and operates the TontineIRA™ administration and record-keeping platform on behalf of, and under the supervision of, the Banks.

Tontine Trust is not a Bank or a trust company and does not provide banking & fiduciary services other than certain administrative services in a ministerial capacity as the Trust Advisors to the Tontine IRA™s.

No information on this website or the platforms provided by Tontine Trust should be taken as constituting individual advice to you. The information is informational and of general guidance only. Tontine Trust does not provide investment management services, financial advice, banking or fiduciary services.

The choices you make or do not make around the investment of your retirement account are your own responsibility.‍ Neither Tontine Trust nor the Banks can be held responsible for any financial loss arising from your retirement choices or lack of them.

The amounts and duration of the lifetime income from the Tontine IRA™ are indicative only. By design, neither the amounts nor the duration of retirement income payments from a tontine plan are fixed or guaranteed.

Based upon many years of research and development, the TontineIRA™ platform displays reasonable best estimates of what level of income you can expect to receive over the course of your lifetime. These estimates are constantly reviewed (sometimes nightly) to incorporate any effects on expected incomes caused by changes in interest rates, investment returns, life expectancy and/or the actual mortality experience of members sharing the same tontine.

The Banks we work with are required to manage US trust assets in accordance with the Uniform Prudent Investor Act.‍

To ensure maximum security of capital and income for members, the Tontine IRA™ assets will be invested by the Banks in a basket of FDIC insured deposits such that each up Tontine IRA™ account can obtain FDIC coverage up to approximately $10m of assets per member.

Note that while the deposits made on behalf of the Tontine IRA™s are FDIC insured, the IRA accounts themselves are not directly insured by the FDIC because they are not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by a Bank or state chartered trust company and and as such are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested, particularly if the member passes away before they have receive total income in excess of their original contribution to the TontineIRA™.